Dan and Ryan

realitysdesire: Hi, as only some people from the Internet know, I'm gay and the reason for that is that I'm still in the closet. I've been following your blog for a really long time now I consider it an inspiration; I just hope I will have the same courage as these normal but different people have and I too will come out. I just wanted to say hi and suggest/ask you if you could post some of your own photos of you and perhaps— if you have one— your boyfriend. Thanks for listening!! - Reality's Desire

Hi, im still in the closet, ive told just a couple of my closest friends so i dont know much about being out of the closet. But i know that there are soo many people out there who will accept you for who YOU are, and if people dont accept you , do not surround yourself with these people. Wish you all the luck!

I dont have an official boyfriend right now, but im getting there ;) i will probably post photos of us if we get together as a couple :3

chase-the-fox: Ok I'm a lesbian but just looking at these pictures makes me wish I was a gay man, and I know how weird that sounds but they're all just so freaking adorable! >¬< I really wish I wasn't single at least ;~;

Aw thats so sweet! :3 and i promise you, you will find someone that will love you eqally as much as you love them <3

kenziebbyaw: Gay couples are the cutest thing ever, omg<3

totally agree hihi :D <3