phenomenallyrandom: Hi! First off I love your blog! I really would like some tips on how to come out to people, especially my parents. I've been in the closet for about three years and most of my closest friends know that I'm gay. It's not really a secret and I'm told that it's a little obvious. But I want to know how to like "officially" tell people that I'm gay. I'm just scared that people won't like me or will stop talking to me. I'd really like some tips or pointers! Thanks for listening to me ramble on!

Hi , first off Thank you! :3

Im not fully out , kinda in the same position as you :/ i know that it is hard right now, but i know that it will get better , for both of us and every other LGBT person out there that are still in the closet. I would tell you every piece of advice if i got any but i don’t. Something that is helping me out is Youtube, if you haven’t already, go and check out some coming out videos on there. Go online and find other gay people that could support you( but be really careful and DO NOT do anything you would regret later). There are genuine people out there that are up for supporting you! 

I do not know where you are from and how the people are where you live but know that there might be people who do not accept you, but then again those people are close-minded and cant realize that being gay does not define you! Those people are not worth you attention. 

This answer turned out long, sry . STAY STRONG <3

mnsgrn: love your blog! <3

aw thnx! :3

Dan and Ryan

realitysdesire: Hi, as only some people from the Internet know, I'm gay and the reason for that is that I'm still in the closet. I've been following your blog for a really long time now I consider it an inspiration; I just hope I will have the same courage as these normal but different people have and I too will come out. I just wanted to say hi and suggest/ask you if you could post some of your own photos of you and perhaps— if you have one— your boyfriend. Thanks for listening!! - Reality's Desire

Hi, im still in the closet, ive told just a couple of my closest friends so i dont know much about being out of the closet. But i know that there are soo many people out there who will accept you for who YOU are, and if people dont accept you , do not surround yourself with these people. Wish you all the luck!

I dont have an official boyfriend right now, but im getting there ;) i will probably post photos of us if we get together as a couple :3

chase-the-fox: Ok I'm a lesbian but just looking at these pictures makes me wish I was a gay man, and I know how weird that sounds but they're all just so freaking adorable! >¬< I really wish I wasn't single at least ;~;

Aw thats so sweet! :3 and i promise you, you will find someone that will love you eqally as much as you love them <3