jeffreyaviles: I feel honored having my drawing in your blog! Thank you! Have a blessed day!😊😊😊💝

Omg thats soo cute hihi :3 Ur really talented, i love drawing myself :D 
Have a blessed day urself! :DD

lucansluca: It's the best tumblr ever! Are you a boy or a girl?

oh ty ty! im a guy

arnaudcapture: Bonjour! If your like this picture with my boyfriend (the last on my tumblr) Can you repost? Love from Paris xxx

omg thats the cutest picture!! aww you are soo cutee <3 rebloged it :3 xxx

frustrated-teen-1998: Do you think people have to come out to their parents? I have been with my boyfriend for about one and a half years now, and I have come out to a select few of my friends. Sown times I think that I should come out to my parents, but I don't know if it would be a good idea? I don't know how they would take it, so should I?

Well you have to do it some day. But if you know that they might not take it well , wait til you are independent. If you need to talk to someone, it might be a good idea to talk to your school counselor. If you dont have one, talk to any teacher that you feel comfortable with.

Good luck! <3